Schroedinger-1.0.7 Released

A new release of Schrödinger is available. Schrödinger (or “schro”
for short) is a cross-platform implementation of the Dirac video
compression specification as a C library. Many media frameworks
such as GStreamer and ffmpeg use schro to encode and decode Dirac


The Dirac project maintains two encoder implementations: dirac-research,
a research encoder, and Schrödinger, which is faster but lower quality.

Schroedinger 1.0.7 is primarily a bugfix release.

New in this release:

– Change encoder default to constant quality, quality=5.0
– Fix several encoding and decoding bugs in the GStreamer elements
and base classes.
– Fix starting/stopping of worker threads
– Port recent threading changes to all backends
– Sanitize invalid clean area in sequence header
– Protect against unexpected backwards skips of picture number
– Discard dangling fields at EOS
– Various other fixes.

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