Core Dirac Specifications

Dirac specification

The Dirac specification describes the format of the Dirac bytestream, and the steps required to decode the compressed data. This specification covers all applications from internet streaming to Ultra-high definition TV in a flexible and scalable way.

Dirac Pro

The Dirac Pro specification describes a sub-set of the main Dirac Specification, and is aimed at high bitrate I-Frame only applications for studio and professional use. This specification is being considered for approval by SMPTE. It is hoped that the official version of the specification will be available from the SMPTE shortly. If you need to know about the specification before then please contact diracinfo at rd.bbc.c.uk

Supporting Specifications

A collection of other specifications have been developed to allow integration of Dirac encoded video into commonly used container formats.

Dirac in transport stream multiplexing specification

Dirac in ogg multiplexing specification

Dirac in ISO/MPEG-4 multiplexing specification

Dirac in AVI multiplexing specification not available

Dirac in Matroska multiplexing specification not available